Full Functionality With Adequate Salt / Sodium Reduction

Consumers have an ever growing interest in reducing their salt intake in order to improve their health. The meat and sausage industry is challenged to react accordingly.

For the reduction of salt / sodium in your meat and sausage products we offer our support to you – based on our many years of experience in this area and multiple successful projects. Client-specific optimised concepts and select ingredients form important components of our portfolio. Special emphasis is put on the retention of functional properties as far as possible, for example, water and fat binding capabilities, microbiological stability and the sensory system.

We develop suitable solution strategies for you to achieve an optimal salt / natrium reduction while adhering to the requirements from industry and the retail/wholesale trade as well as to the applicable legislation.

Are you interested in salt / sodium reduced products as well as in concepts for your meat and sausage products? Contact us by sending an email to info(at)quality-food-products.de or call us at +49 (0) 4403 60212-0.