With ingredients specifically developed by Quality Food & Products GmbH for your products and requirements you will remain one step ahead of competition at all times.  We see ourselves as an independent, flexible and reliable solution provider. The support we offer to you goes way beyond the development and delivery of ingredients. We also focus heavily on application development, process integration in your production as well as expertise in specific areas such as product and process safety.

What You Can Expect From QFP

Investing in QFP ingredients is money well spent. Whether functional or purely for taste, innovative or traditional, whether for the production of meat and sausage products, fish products, delicatessen products, convenience products or primary products for industrial processing.

Our IFS Broker certification according to version 3 at "Higher Level" confirms that QFP customers can not only rely on certified, structured processes, but also on the work carried out in accordance with the highest safety criteria. As an IFS Broker certified company, QFP focusses strongly on product safety, protection against food fraud (food fraud) and risk management.

"Concepts. Ingredients. Competence. This is what QFP stands for - your reliable solution provider for ingredients. With technological provision to support your success."

Focus On Customer Results

Fast project implementation, reliable and timely delivery as well as close, trustworthy and confidential co-operation represent the back-bone of our relationships with our clients and partners.  The work focus of our technological and commercial team rests solely on the best possible results for our customers.

We would be delighted to hear from you should you wish to learn more about our organisation. Please contact us here.