Certified in accordance with latest IFS Broker version

Quality Food & Products GmbH (QFP) has successfully completed the audit for IFS Broker Certification according to the new version 3 – at "Higher Level".

This makes QFP one of a total of 7 companies in Germany and 25 companies in Europe (as of 16/06/2020) that are already certified to IFS Broker version 3 at this level.

When working with QFP, customers can not only rely on certified, structured processes, but also the work carried out in accordance with the highest safety criteria. The new version 3 of the IFS Broker Standard contains various updates and additions thus taking into account the changing expectations of the market concerning product safety. It now consists of 101 requirements structured in 5 parts - instead of the previous 4 parts with 84 requirements of version 2.

The so-called product safety culture, which focuses on awareness-raising, communication and continuous improvement, is now clearly included in several requirements of the IFS Broker Certification. The fight against 'food fraud' is one of the completely new topics covered. In addition to the 17 new requirements, the new version 3 of the IFS Broker Standard contains a total of 39 updated requirements compared to the previous version. For example, the risk management system for different requirements has been expanded or formulated in more detail.